Artist Statement

   I like to capture people in the moment—where they are lost in themselves or in thought. I do this by making the figure the focal point of each painting. Vibrant colors are often juxtaposed against darker ones to emphasize bold, philosophical narratives. My artwork reflects my love for storytelling, and emphasizes that what can be revealed in the light can also be discovered in the darkness. I paint the stories of the people occupying my paintings. I try to reflect what is going on in their minds even though I may not know them personally.

   Painting them helps to forge that connection and break apart the idea that we are living different lives. The intention is to acknowledge the reality in our similarities. At the core the things we experience deserve acknowledgement.
My recent works have produced themes like; death, loneliness, and heartbreak. On the other hand, it has also produced themes of family, love and hope.

   Through painting portraits in oil on wood panel, I feel as though I am immortalizing these stories. My aim is to bridge social anonymity and emotional distance by illustrating the complexities of life and sharing my psychological, spiritual, and autobiographical narrative with the viewer. Illuminating contrasting concepts— such as the conscious versus the subliminal, multiple personalities versus one- dimensionality, self-determination versus mind control. I want the atmosphere surrounding my figures to provoke deep emotions and invite the viewer to connect with these narratives on a deeper level.