Artist Statement

I like to capture people in the moment—where they are lost in themselves or in thought. I do this by making the figure the focal point of each painting. These colors are sometimes dark, but vibrant so that they complement the theme of the painting. My artwork reflects my love for bold storytelling. I paint the stories of the people occupying these paintings. I try to reflect what is going on in their heads even though I may not know them personally. Capturing them in the moment helps to forge that connection and break apart the idea that we are living different lives. The intention is to acknowledge the reality that in our similarities. At the core of it all we are all human and experience the same human emotions. We share the same desires and adversities. At the core the things we experience deserve acknowledgement.

The paintings I am currently working on are bits and pieces taken from my life—whether that be from my past or my present. I always put an element of something dark into my paintings that are juxtaposed by hints of light. With my recent works, that has produced themes like; death, loneliness, fear, heartbreak. On the other hand, it has also produced themes of family, love, hope, growth, and passion.

Through painting portraits in oil on wood panel, I feel as though I am immortalizing these stories. I focus mainly on painting the subject’s face by building up thin layers, and glazing on little details to add texture to the skin. The background is then rendered to complement the subject in terms of detail. I also create another form of contrast by increasing the saturation of my reference photo so that all of my values will be harsher, and my shadows richer. Most of my work deals with how the past has impacted someone’s present. Although a past experience may be painful, it also has the ability to change someone noticeably. Remembering can be cathartic.